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Proctor Page

The testing site for IEMSR can be accessed at https://www.mytestcom.net/app/myTestcomURL.cfm?accountLogin=iemsrOrg123

This site is to accessed by approved and authorized Proctors only. Test can only be performed after a Proctor enters their username and password that is issued by IEMSR. 

Students will join by setting up an account. Assure that they remember their login information that they set up. All information must be truthful and accurate. The list of students participating must be sent to IEMSR 2-weeks before the requested test date by the approved Proctor or IEMSR recognized person. 

The student then chooses "Take a Test" and chooses the proper test. The Proctor will be asked to enter in their user and password for EACH student in order for the test to begin. If a internet connection fails, back out and have the student login with the information they setup to login. The test should pick right up from where they left off. Any problems that may occur, please call 754-900-1008 between 9am and 4pm Eastern U.S. time. 

​Contact Number:   +1.7549001008