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Testing for PARAMEDIC requires the participant to have completed a NHTSA curriculum program at a recognized institution in the students country. The student will take the exam at an approved testing computer lab with two proctors present. A practical of skills are required and an IEMSR authorized Proctor must be present. Expenses for the proctor are the responsibility of the requesting Site. Please contact our office for further details.  A list of students must be submitted to IEMSR showing those that are eligible for testing and have meet all course completion requirements. Proctors are provided access to allow students to take the exam with a required Proctor pass code. 

The passing score is 80%. All test questions are property of IEMSR and no duplication is permitted of any kind. Anyone found doing so will not receive a certification and/or will be revoked. This certification shows proper retained knowledge and is NOT a certification to practice. Permission to practice can only come from your local government authority and Medical Director. 

Once the participant passes the exam, a certification is emailed to them. 

Certification is good for 2-years and can be renewed by performing CEU's , an approved refresher, or a letter from a Medical Director showing completion of 30-hours of EMS related education. 

IEMSR reserves the right to deny certification at anytime based on the students non-completion of Program material, falsification of information, or criminal act.