Paramedic is the highest level in EMS providing advanced care.


Health safety assistant

This industry certification is vital for High School and College students, all Public and Private Responders and Healthcare Providers taking care of children and geriatric patients.

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Emergency Medical Responder

EMR is vital for High School Students and all Public and Private Responders. 

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Emergency Medical Technician

EMT is a higher level of training next in line from EMR. 

Welcome to the International EMS Registry! It is the goal of IEMSR to offer testing and skill verification to all First Responders and EMS personnel. Established in 2003, IEMSR is a leader in testing and evaluation in the fields listed below. We dedicate ourselves to all around the globe, providing access in becoming a true professional and care for others. 

Leader in EMR certification, EMT certification, and Paramedic certification